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I went to a site called
wanting to find some beautiful
pictures of deer.  I was
horrified at the pictures I saw
on this website.  There were
men showing off the deer
they had just killed and some
showed the heads they had
cut off boasting of their new
trophies.  This is the
mentality of the deer hunter!  
 They just love to kill
innocent animals and play
killing games in the woods.  
Hunters are mentally ill and
"dangerous men" capable of


are beautiful, docile animals.  Yes, they are wild but they are not mean animals.  They are graceful, peaceful, vegetarian animals who love being in
their peaceful surroundings in the woods close to a pond or lake if possible.  

Unfortunately, there are many people, mostly men, who hunt.  Hunters think of deer as the trophy item.  They brag about the deer they shot and
hung on the wall.  I have seen baby deer close to my home.  I hear the hunters back in the woods with their four wheelers and guns.  I see the one
little frightened deer left as we drive out of our property.  The little deer looks backward, then forward, stunned and afraid of which way to go
because of the mean monsters in the woods hiding, waiting to ambush the last one left that year.  The little deer saw its family get shot and then
sliced up brutally while its mother was screaming and crying and telling the youngsters to run and hide and never come back.  

Still the animals are hungry and confused.  The bad monsters of planet earth return a few months later putting corn on the ground and setting
traps.  Hunters setting up their shooting towers; it's something innocent, defenseless animals can do nothing about.  The monsters of planet earth
are more agile and adept than four legged animals and they don't care about the other helpless ones.  The monsters just want to get in the woods,
make noise, drink beer, pretend they are powerful and have dominion over the planet.

The hunters just cannot understand that the killing they do is wrong.  The deer need a place of their own to live and be with their own kind.  They
don't go out trying to make trouble.  They don't want trouble.  They are peaceful animals who just want to eat grasses and vegetables in the woods.

How could anybody with a brain and a soul think of a living being that wanted to live and feel happiness, just as we do, as something that should be
a trophy?  That is brainless and inhumane thinking.

It is time for "hunters" to learn how to do something peaceful and useful on this planet.  They need a new frame of mind and need to do some
humane soul searching and thinking.  Killing needs to stop.  There are wonderful vegetarian food sources and recipes for all animals on this planet
including man.  

These "Gun Happy" woods people are the type who will kill anything that crosses their path in the woods.  They will and do shoot and kill anything
they consider "animal" that lives and wants to breathe.  This includes our much loved domesticated friends who are often forced to live in the
woods because of man's ignorance about spaying and neutering and caring for Earths' Animals.  This killing behavior needs to change and go away.
  Start teaching children how to love and appreciate all animals on our one and only Earth planet.

Go Vegetarian If You Can!  

Anonymous widening our
circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature and
its beauty.

Albert Einstein

The greatness of a nation and
its moral progress can be
judged by the way its animals
are treated.

Mohandas Gandhi

I am in favor of animal rights
as well as human rights.  That
is the way of a whole human

Abraham Lincoln

If you have men who will
exclude any of God's creatures
from the shelter of
compassion and pity, you will
have men who will deal
likewise with their fellow men.

St. Francis of Assisi
Email us with a story and
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animal to publish on our
Stop your car and get out to help a turtle across the road before some
idiot runs over it.  Pick it up and walk it over to the other side of the road
where it wanted to go.  TURTLES ARE GENTLE AND SLOW.  PLEASE BE
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The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and among the world’s most threatened
The Panda Bear Of China
Endangered Species Around The World
Seven out of the 13 great whale species are still endangered or vulnerable, even after decades of
protection. Whales, dolphins and porpoises are succumbing to new and ever-increasing dangers.
Collisions with ships...
Whales And Dolphins
The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and among the world’s most threatened
The Panda Bear Of China
The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and among the world’s most threatened
The Panda Bear Of China
The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and among the world’s most threatened
The Panda Bear Of China
It takes decades for surviving juveniles to reach maturity and start to breed, and adult turtles must live
to reproduce over many years if the population is to thrive. But escalating mortality on the high seas, in
the nets and long-lines of fishing fleets, and from pollution and disease, means fewer and fewer turtles
are living long enough to reproduce.,,,
Marine Turtles
the great apes face serious threats and are all endangered, some critically...The Great Apes

Commentary:  I came across the WWF website and was very
impressed with what this organization is doing for animals,
especially endangered species, as well as planet Earth, our  

Everyone should be concerned about Earth and the living
beings of the earth.  If we don't take steps to start cleaning up
the air we breathe and stop polluting this planet, all species on
this planet may end up going extinct and that includes humans.

Mankind has been living with the notion that he/she are superior
and invincible.  Well this is just  not true.  It's time for people to
stop being trashy animals and start respecting this planet and
the beauty of all living beings.  We all, from the largest to the
smallest, are important on this planet.  With many species on
the extinction list, this is a definitive warning that things are not
right on our Earth.  This planet is the only place where the
inhabitants we are familiar with can survive.  EARTH is the soil
we walk on, the water we drink and the air we breathe!
by Valerie Keller

I'm very impressed with WWF.  Thank You WWF.
Link to:

Since I bought my first horse in my early 40s, I have had to learn
some very ugly things about the kind of people who raise, and live
around, large animals.  When I have gone to feed stores, I have had
people tell me that they think cows are just ugly animals.  (they raise
them of course to be sold for slaughter)  These people don't want to
get close to the cows or name them because they don't want GUILT
for later having the animals viciously slaughtered .  All they care
about is getting money for the animal!  They don't want to work for
their money because they are not intelligent enough to understand
and learn.

I bought my first horse 10 years ago.  I had no idea that a large
majority of horse and cattle people were so mean and ignorant.  I'm
glad I'm not that way.

P.S. I bet cows think humans are very ugly too.
If a big animal like a cow or a
brontosaurs could be vegetarian and
still live a healthy life, then humans
can too!
Cows didn't just get dropped off from outer space for humans to take advantage of them and butcher them.  The Ag
description is this: if they were not used for "food" then there would not be any of them.  This is fallacious.  They might
not be a popular kind of animal but they are here on this planet and they should be respected, not painfully slaughtered.  I
can understand killing dinosaurs for meat but not docile, slow, grazing mammals like cows, pigs, sheep, goats, etc.  These
are not mean animals.  Humans are the mean animals.
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