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Our task must be to free
ourselves..by widening our
circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature and
its beauty.

Albert Einstein

The greatness of a nation and
its moral progress can be
judged by the way its animals
are treated.

Mohandas Gandhi

I am in favor of animal rights
as well as human rights.  That
is the way of a whole human

Abraham Lincoln

If you have men who will
exclude any of God's creatures
from the shelter of
compassion and pity, you will
have men who will deal
likewise with their fellow men.

St. Francis of Assisi
Equine Adoption Network
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Pet Sitters

If you want your pets, small and large, to be comfortable and happy when you need to go away somewhere, here are a few things you may
want to consider.

Your pets are smart and they know that they belong with their family.  They are just like children.  They want to be where they feel
comfortable and that is always at home.  They also want to feel safe and to be able to sleep on their nice soft bed and have the food that they
like to eat and a fresh bowl of water.

The old traditional place for pets to stay is at the vet's office.  The vet uses kennels with hard, cold cement floors.  They make the dogs and
cats sleep on the cold cement and they make them eat the dry food and the water that they provide.  If you leave a rug and toy, they don't let
your pets use them.  Also they sedate your pets to keep them from making noise while you are away.  They won't tell you these things though.

Recently some vets have built fancy kennels which they call fancy names like hotel, spa, etc.  These are very expensive, too expensive,
because vets seem to be in it for profit, just profit.

Pet sitters are a good thing if you can find one you are comfortable with that you trust.  Always make sure that he/she is bonded and has good
references about the business they are running.  

If you are desperate for a pet sitter, you can lock certain doors to keep nosey sitters from snooping around.  You can have hidden surveillance
for proof if you want.  If you have family and friends close by, you can ask them to check now and then.  As a last resort, you can go ahead
and leave you pets with a vet that you trust and like if you are willing to have your pets sleeping on cement in a cage in another separate
kennel room.

Here are some pet sitter links for you:





Born in Walton-On-Thames, Surrey, England
C 1969

I tried it once.  I trusted the woman who said she knew all about horses and was paid $$$ to stay at our beautiful place and make sure the
horses would be safe and taken care of according to my specifications.  Her then boyfriend confirmed to my husband and I that we didn't need
to worry, just go on and have a good vacation.

Four days gone.  Driving back we got a call in the car that one of the horses had colicked.  She also foundered and because of the stupidity of 2
vets and an ignorant farrier, my horse got worse and worse.  Read about
FOUNDER and make sure you take care of your horses right.  This
would not have happened if they had followed my instructions and had not told me lies.  The mother was supposed to be caring for our pets.  
Instead she let her stupid daughter pretend to take care of them without telling us this.  The daughter was hanging out with her new boyfriend
doing who knows what in our house.  Since it was obvious that they were not cleaning stalls those 4 days, we believe they left the horses in the
pastures never bringing them in or giving them fresh water. The mother was a gold digger doing bad things in our house with her boyfriend.  
Turns out, she is a tramp and didn't care about taking care of our animals (she was being paid to follow our instructions which she did not do)
so we could go and relax a little on a short vacation.



  1. Interview thoroughly
  2. Get sound references
  3. Ask the sitter how she takes care of horses
  4. Listen to her answers carefully
  5. If she asks what vet to use if your horse colics, DON'T USE THAT SITTER!
  6. Listen to your gut feeling even if it means giving up your vacation to protect your pets.

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