How Different Animals Communicate
                                                                ANIMALS' UNIQUE EXPRESSIONS

Dogs live with the pack mentality.  If you have five dogs, then one of them
will asset that it is the leader.  If 2 of the dogs want to be a leader, the
strongest and less afraid dog will constantly tell that other dog with
aggressive facial expressions and body language that she is the leader.

To train a dog, first the trainer must become the leader
by showing the dog boundaries (what is acceptable or not acceptable) just
like a dog would show another dog.  Don't be mean.  Just show the dog and
reward the dog for doing the correct thing.  To be effective one must be
calm, consistent and assertive. Punishment does not work in dog training.  
Reward for doing the right trick or right behavior does work.  You have to
repeat the trick or routine everyday until the dog shows that it has
remembered what to do when asked.  Always reward your dog with a treat
every time he/she does the trick.  You want your dog to be happy and to feel
accomplishment.  It's important to all dogs.

Dogs have a way of saying hello to each other.
Dogs sniff each other and remember one another by their scents.  You will
see dogs sniff another dogs rear end.  This is the way they test each other
and get to know each other.

The position of a dogs ears can tell a person what kind of mood the dog is
in. Ears standing up and forward means the dog is alert and attentive.  Ears
laid backward can mean fear and even aggression.

Just like people the eyebrows can indicate mood.  Raised eyebrows show
interest, lowered brows dissatisfaction, anger or uncertainty, and one
eyebrow up can mean unhappiness.

Dogs lick others to indicate friendliness.

Many dogs appear to snarl when they are given a treat or something to eat.  
It's just part of the dog's way.

Many dogs move and jump around when they are excited and want their
masters attention.

It is normal for dogs to paw or scratch for objects they desire.

Some dogs howl when they need something like food, water, attention or
are in pain.

Dogs bark to get the attention of their master or to alert other dogs near

Dogs are very intelligent and loyal animals.  All they want to do it please their
master.  They are not prejudice or selective about a master.  They just want
to love and be loved.

Cats are gentle, independent animals.  Once they trust their master and know
that the master loves them, they will often want to be close to the master.  If
they fear someone they will stay away.

People should be gentle and patient with cats.  Let them get to know you and
trust you.  Never hit a cat or try to punish it physically.

You can tame a cat but you cannot train a cat.  Cats will learn what they want
to learn on their own like for example our cat Tigger will sit at the window and
make chirping sounds when he sees birds.  He mimics them.  He also thinks
he is having conversations with me very often.  But you cannot teach a cat to
sit or beg or be quiet.  Tame them by getting their trust "gently" and letting
them come to you.  They can understand certain pitches and volume changes
in your voice and body language.  Train them - No, not possible.

Cats are independent creatures.  They will come for food, water and attention
and affection when they want to.

Cats lick each other to show affection and to groom each other.

Happy cats will paw and do patty cake pawing on your lap to show they love
you.  They will do this in other places to claim their territory.  They have scent
glands on their paws which help to mark their place.

When they hold their tail up they are happy.

If they nudge you with their head they are being affectionate toward you.  If
they walk around you and rub against you they are saying they love you.

If they try to give you a little bite when they are being affectionate around you,
then they are saying they love you but you don't want to get bit so you should
gently nudge the cat away to stop the little bite.  Don't punish the cat for
saying he/she loves you.  They can also bite when they are angry.  Usually only
a feral cat will do this when feeling threatened.  Don't punish a feral cat for
feeling threatened either.  There is no need to punish!

If a cat is sick it will go away and hide somewhere.  It may also come and paw
on you often to try to get your attention.  It will also whine loudly if it is sick.  
Take you cat to a vet.

When cats are afraid they often puff up, hold up their tail and turn their body

Hissing and growling means the cat feels threatened.  Stay back or you may
get bitten.  Feral cats will do this until they learn to trust you.  This can take

They will have long whining growling meows when they are getting ready to

Cats purr when they are relaxed and are saying they love you.

Cats meow to humans but usually not to other cats.  Sometimes however they
do sort of whine-meow to call another cat.  They usually communicate silently
to each other through body language they understand among themselves.         

Horses are herd animals and there is a pecking order in
the herd.  There is a lead mare in the group who takes
on leadership of the herd group.  All the others will
follow her as she goes around the pasture.  It seems
that the rest of the herd not only like her very much but
also feel safe with her leading.  Horses are animals of
flight because they are prey animals.  They can be
startled and easily frightened in unfamiliar territory.  

When the horses ears are straight up this usually
means the horse is relaxed and curious.  When the
horses ears are flat back the horse feels threatened
and is angry.  When a horse is in pain and afraid his
ears will be backward with his head drooping and his
eyes looking lifeless.  Horses read human body
language very well.  They know if you are afraid,
dominant, nice, etc.  A horse never forgets abuse or
something that caused him suffering.  

They swish their tail to make the bugs and flies go away.
 They also do this if they are irritated with something or
someone doing something around their tail area.  They
don't do it to be mean though.  They won't kick if they
were trained by a gentle trainer who knew how to
handle a horse in a gentle way.  They only kick if
something is stuck in their hoof or if their leg hurts
when you try to lift it or if a horse fly bites its leg.  They
don't kick to be mean unless an idiot did things to the
horse to make him afraid of people.

Horses sometimes make a chewing motion with their
mouth when they feel relaxed during training and some
trainers will say that the horse has accepted the
training drill and is showing that he respects the trainer.

Horses neigh and whinny when they are calling their
best friend horses.

They will snort when they are afraid, unsure or startled.

They want their master to be unafraid and calm because
this helps them to feel relaxed and calm.

Horses will come up to you and gently nudge you with
their nose to say they love you.
All animals will communicate with what they are able to communicate with.  All animals, including the human being, want to be strong and safe
and they will use whatever they can to be safe and strong.  And all of the more sophisticated animals who display a desire to be loving and sociable (mostly mammals), use a variety
of bodily tools to communicate thoughts and feelings.  It is wrong for the human being to walk on this planet with the notion in his head that he is the only important living being on our planet.
How The Human Being Treats Other Animals On Earth?

   Many humans are intelligent enough to understand that being kind to other intelligent, non-aggressive animals is the right way to behave.  However, other humans on this planet are brought up by abusive, aggressive parents who
for some reason have only the base intelligence of a king cobra snake which lives in a defensive, aggressive mode ready to kill anything that crosses its path.  People who live to just hunt and kill animals for no reason other than to
cause pain and suffering on other beings are not intelligent.  They are monsters who belong on some far away distant and cold or hot planet.  All people have the ability to understand right from wrong.  Most people know the
difference unless they are mentally ill or just downright evil.  No other animal on our planet hurts or kills unless they are really hungry or trying to defend themselves.  Domesticated animals like dogs, cats, and horses are not mean
unless they are treated mean by evil people who are so stupid that they do not understand the difference between kindness and meanness.  It is wrong to hunt unless a person is desperately starved like cavemen were a long time

   I believe that many of the stupid people who watch movies with violence toward other animals think that since they saw that at a movie then it must be what others are doing out there.  Of course, violent movies aren't the only
reason deranged people are mean.  

   No other animal on this planet goes out of the way to be mean just for the sake of being mean.  Humans are the only ones.
All other species will only become aggressive for food, to protect their young, and to defend themselves against other aggressive predators.

   Humans are running over everything on this beautiful planet.  This is wrong, very wrong.  Population growth is out of control and greed is the moving force destroying the homes of beautiful and gentle animals who all want to live
and enjoy life in their own special ways.  Humans may be more able beings, but we are not more special than other animals on this one planet, the only planet we have to live on.  Stop tearing down trees and forests.  There is only one
place, just one planet Earth.  Stop destroying.   Build some "no hunting" sanctuaries for all animals.  Teach humans to be kind to animals.
 Try to go vegetarian and let the animals graze peacefully with their families.  Slaughter houses
are torture houses.  Lets all work at making this planet a peaceful loving place for all living beings.  

                    This is a pig.  It lives and breathes like we do.  It communicates, thinks, cries, feels happiness, protects,...
 If you want bacon, eat Morningstar bacon which is made from tofu.  It is delicious and tastes like
bacon but was not made out of an animal that wanted to live.  

 If you are in the movie business, please continue making more movies to teach people the right way to treat all animals with love and kindness.  If people need to be brainwashed to learn kindness, then please make gentle loving
movies that teach the message of love.   
 Writers please stop writing those vicious novels about human beings doing things that monsters do.   Too many humans beings copy and act out what they watch on the television and are
capable of becoming new monsters of the universe!
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