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Flea Powder for dogs

Tri-biotic Cream for injuries

Nail Clippers (read and learn how to
do this correctly so you won't hurt
your pets)

Purina Dog Food

Pedigree Canned Food



Flea & Tick Shampoo for dogs

Heart Guard (to prevent
heart worms in dogs)

Wormer for Dogs

Fresh Water Daily
Bowl of Crushed Ice Dialy
(They Love This)

Room to walk around and a big
enough house with padding and
protection from rain and extreme

Love and Attention

Terrier Mix "Heidi"

Worms are bad, very bad
parasites.  They cause
internal infections, they
suck blood from your dogs
intestines, cause
inflammation of the colon,
and they cause dogs to lose
weight and become weak
and ill.  
Heart worms cause
breathing problems and can
cause a heart attack.  It is
very important to give your
dog a heart worm
preventative each month
according to the weight of
the dog.  You need to get a
prescription from a vet to
get treatment for
heartworms.  For
worms, hook worms, whip
worms, and tape worms
, you
can get something from
your vet to treat this
problem.  There are also
some over the counter
liquid and pill wormer
treatments.  Some wormer
products contain toluene  or
 dichlorphen which can
make some dogs sick.  

We have had good results
with D-Worm 120 liquid
wormer for dogs.

At the


click on

For heart worm
preventative, we like

Love To Be Loved
They all have "dog" thoughts
They understand happy and sad and bad and good
They cry
They laugh
They are loyal to their master no matter what
Some learn better than others but so do people
They love attention and to know that someone loves them
They love their puppies
They are pack animals, they understand order
They love to be taken for walks to spend time with their master
They love to be brushed and cared for
They love good food just like people and all animals do
They don't like to be sick
They like air conditioning or fans at least during the hot summer
They like warm soft beds just like people
They don't like to be stuck outside in the cold, wet rain
They cry and bark when they need something - not just to make dog noise
They will do anything to try to please their master
They jump and lick their master when they are happy and also when they want to eat breakfast
or dinner or when they are glad to see you
They love to play and explore
They need exercise and things to do
Dogs are mans' best friend
Dogs need  a big enough dog house for when they are grown up
They like to have room to get settled inside the dog house
They need protection from parasites and other things that can bite and hurt them
They need to be inside a loving, strong home during bad weather and extreme temperatures
They don't like to be tied up all the time and left alone
Dogs like company
Dogs need to go for walks now and then
Dogs need fresh water daily and they need to be able to drink out of the container the owner
filled with water
Love your dogs
They love you
If you witness anyone neglecting or abusing any animal, please report this to the Humane

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Information posted on this website
is not
intended to be used as a
veterinarian service.  We post
information to help the general
public learn and be more aware of
what certain symptoms
possibly mean
regarding their
pets.   We are not veterinarians
and it is important that all pet
owners use a good veterinarian if
your pet is in need of medical
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