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Equine Adoption Network
Our task must be to free widening our
circle of compassion to
embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature and
its beauty.

Albert Einstein

The greatness of a nation and
its moral progress can be
judged by the way its animals
are treated.

Mohandas Gandhi

I am in favor of animal rights
as well as human rights.  That
is the way of a whole human

Abraham Lincoln

If you have men who will
exclude any of God's creatures
from the shelter of
compassion and pity, you will
have men who will deal
likewise with their fellow men.

St. Francis of Assisi
Equine Adoption Network
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Barn Swallows fly to North America from South America every Spring.  They seem to like
returning to our domicile every year and they always return to the same nests they left the previous
year.  They are very protective over their young.  Even though we think the nests are unattractive,
we leave them for the birds to return to.  This year we will be painting our exterior after the birds
fly away back to South America however, so we will have to power wash the nests down after the
birds leave.  When the birds return, they will rebuild the nests again late March next year.
This little baby barn swallow
was tossed out of the nest
too early.  It stayed around
for a couple of days while the
parents guarded it and fed it
on the ground until it could
fly.   Family is very
important to these birds.
Coco's Story

I rescued Coco. I was on my way into town one morning and saw this dog running around in the same place along a busy highway.  He was only about 6
months old.  I went back home and got some packages of moist and meaty dog food.  After giving him about 5 of these which he ate all at once (he was
starved), I continued and stayed there at this busy intersection for over 2 hours trying to get him to come with me.  I gave up and went on into town to shop
but kept worrying about this dog.  On my way back I was hoping he was O.K., and I was worried.  I saw that he was now on the other side of the highway and
it was now rush hour traffic time.  People speed on this highway and I see dead dogs and cats all the time on this road.  So I parked my SUV on the side of this
busy intersection where this dog was searching for his previous "mean" owner.  About three trucks asked if I needed help and I was a little afraid so I told them I
was O.K., just trying to save this dog.  Then a nice man drove up to help but it seemed that this dog was very afraid of people especially MEN.  Then a young
girl who I will never forget stopped to help and she was very sweet and Coco came to her to take the food.  She was calm at the time and Coco responded well
to her.  Thank God.  Coco came home with me and we took him to the vet to get shots and neutered.  He is coming around.  It has taken him almost 3 years
to not be aggressive.  We have many dogs, two others rescued also.  We also have many ferral cats we also rescued.  We love all of our pets.  I am worn out
every day but I love my animals.  Coco is very protective over me and loves his new family.  Anonymous
(with parents always close by)
Carry peanut butter or cheese crackers,
bread, dog,
cat food in your car so that if you see a stray
that needs help, food, water and you can't
get its trust to bring it with you at least the
animal will be able to get buy until
somehow the animal can be helped.  Go buy
it a sandwich to throw out of the window as
you pass by but don't do it where you think
someone might get mad and then take it
out on that poor animal.  There are some
very mean people who are so mean that  
they look for reasons to just be mean.  

Don't put the food on the side of the road
because the
dog will look for more there and end up
getting killed looking for more of your
food.  Put it back off of the road if at all
"Miss Kitty"  
She was a beautiful rescue from animal
control in Atlanta, GA.  She was
always very nervous traveling in the
car.  1 1/2 years ago she became ill with
kidney failure and we had to euthanize
her so she wouldn't have to suffer for
the last days.  She was so sweet.  I
noticed she had lost a tooth that looked
decayed.  When I had the flu for a week
she cried by the bedroom door.  She
started failing rapidly after that.  I
guess she gave up.  She would walk
over to me on the sofa and tap on my
legs and keep tapping.  Now I
understand that she was trying to talk
to me.  I miss this cat so much.  She
was a sweet, very sweet loving cat.  I
miss you Miss Kitty.   She is in the
garden place and she gets flowers and
petals often.
                                                                                                                                  All Animals Have Thoughts And Feelings
My husband had some stray cats living around his office.  He
started feeding these cats daily and then they started coming
around the cars owned by the staff and employees.  Some of his
colleagues threatened to have animal control pick up the cats and
a couple of them threatened to shoot the cats.  This made my
husband and I very concerned so we bought animal traps, caught
all of the cats who would go into the cages and then we brought
them home to live with us.  We have them in an apartment on our
property and we feed them and take care of them.  The apartment
is ruined but we cannot release the cats in the woods in back of our
place because the "mean" hunters would shoot these sweet little
animals we love so much.  We pick grass and clover for them to eat,
catch little bugs for them to play with and give them catnip
sometimes.  They are happy and safe with us.    Anonymous

Update:  There are still 3 cats which still reside at the office.  They
are very wild feral cats and refuse to be moved.  But there are
raccoons in the picture as well now.  This one stole the canned
seafood on the paper plate within just a couple minutes. We feed
the feral cats daily.  That food was meant for the three cats to
share.  Little Daddy had come out to try to eat some delicious
seafood but then Raccoon came and made Little Daddy go hide.  
This was shocking to see.  New construction happening in the area
is forcing these animals to get food any way possible.  
This it Toby, a feral cat at
our office sanctuary. She
won't let us take her to the
nice apartment where some
of her other family members
now live.

Toby is one of Snowball's
kittens. Snowball was  with
many other cats who now
reside in a luxury
apartment.  We brought
Snowball home because she
seemed to be very ill.  We
later learned she had feline
Leukemia and she also had
an infected wound on her
back neck-shoulder area.  
We decided to have her
euthanized one week later
on that very sad day at the
vet's office.   Snowball rests
in a special garden with 3
other much loved cats.
You can email us a story and
picture about a pet or animal to
publish on our story page.  
We'd love to hear from you.
If you see a baby bird that has fallen from a nest too early..


How do you care for a baby bird?  
What should you feed a wild baby
bird?  There are things you can do
and also things you should NOT do.
Why do people neglect dogs?

Very often I see residences along the road where people have
a dog inside a small 10 x 4 kennel.  Or they, in one case, made a 14 x 14 area and covered the
sides so that people from the road cannot see how the dogs are doing.  It was all dirt and mud and still is.  They
closed it off because they saw people like me driving by slowly with concern.  I have noticed that at least 3 dogs
have come and gone from that place in the last few years.  There was another case where from the road there was
a dog in a kennel and even way back from the road I could see that the dog had a serious skin condition.  The dog
house was too small so the dog was outside in the hot sun.  In many of these cases, the owners just give the dogs a
dog house that is too small for the dog and the kennel has no protection from the hot sun or very bad stormy
weather.  There was another case where a dog was always left tied to a rope and there was a very large container
which was that dogs water bucket.  But the bucket was too tall for the young dog at that time.  I saw that the
container had been turned over more than once.  The dog was always outside.   It appeared that the owners were
gone very often.  A much too small dog house was leaning backward on a slope so that the dog would not be
comfortable inside.  That little dog was always sleeping on the concrete in the hot sun and probably without
water quite often.  Lack of education about caring for animals as well as lack of money to care for pets properly
causes these kinds of situations for animals.
Abused dogs lack that
certain spark in their eyes. They
walk with their tail between their
This racoon lives at the
office and he would like
some food too.
Isn't this amazing.
This was sent to my husband's email
and he forwarded it to me.  I don't
know who this lady is but she obviously
loves animals and especially birds.  I
will try to find out who she is.

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