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  • All posted material at this website belongs to this website unless it is material you post.  Our material is our own copyrighted, trademarked material.  We cannot and will not take
    responsibility for any material you post.  If you post photos or stories, make sure you state that it is copyrighted material.  
  • We are not responsible for third party involvement through this site and you agree not to hold us responsible for third party activities such as advertising, etc.
  • If you post any malicious, dirty, sexual, mean material of any kind anywhere on this website or do anything which could destroy the integrity of this website, we reserve the right to
    kick you out of this site permanently and we will.
  • This website is for people who love animals.  Abusive content regarding animals will not be tolerated and we will report anyone to the proper authorities who posts anything
    malicious about any animal.
  • Anything you buy or sale, anything regarding any product of any kind is your own responsibility.  If you post or buy something for sale that was individually posted for you
    through the webmaster, these items may be paid for through PayPal.   It is up to you to make sure that  you will be satisfied with whatever you buy from this website.  We reserve
    the right to decline the posting of anything that does not seem to be worthy of being sold at this website.
  • We are "partnered" with various companies who pay a small commission to us for allowing them to advertise on this website. Their shipping and return policies apply if you
    purchase something from any of them.  If you needed to return an item you would contact the website you purchased from.
  • If you comment about a vet, and if you have had problems with the vet, you are responsible for how you write your comments.  We take no responsibility regarding this matter.  If
    you have serious problems with a vet, you can always report it to the association in your area which handles those kinds of situations.
  • These Terms Of Use apply to all pages within this website, Animals' Unique Expressions.
  • If you try to steal someone's identity through this website, we will report this matter for tampering with someone's else's personal identity.
  • We allow opinions and advise at this website and are not liable or accountable for any opinions or advise you read or use from this website.  
  • All of the above terms apply to all pages at this site.
  • All art work on this site is art work done by the website owner and it is all copyrighted.  This includes the digital illustration art work.  If you wish to buy any piece of
    art from the owner, you are welcome to send an email inquiry.
  • We can be contacted by filling out the contact form or if you have any problems filling out a form to get your information posted properly, please send an email to
    luvanimals@animalsuniqueexpressions.com and someone  will get back with you quickly.
  • This website is present for all who love animals and we will always do our best to make this site a good site and one that is informative and fun.  You agree to not blame us if the site
    has a functional problem and is temporarily shut down.  The overall main purpose of this site is to help all animals in need of love and help and for people to share their thoughts,
    stories and pictures about animals in their lives at any time..  
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